To provide professional high quality payroll and bookkeeping services for clients who seek accuracy and efficiency. We also believe it is important to provide this standard of service at an affordable cost thereby improving the opportunity for increased growth and profitability of the clients' business'.

-About Us-

While the inspiration for Optimal Payroll Services originated in a unique and unconventional way, we recognized the need for a company that not only specializes specifically in providing fast, efficient and accurate payroll processing and payroll tax preparation/submission but also one that focuses on the needs of its customers.  Optimal Payroll Services was launched on March 23, 2015 to fulfill this need.


Chris Shaffer

Account Manager


Chris is responsible for processing the payroll and bookkeeping with our mission and guiding principles shaping his work ethic. He is passionate about family, community, sports and music.



Sherrie Shaffer



Sherrie oversees the daily operations at Optimal Payroll Services, including customer relations and marketing, with our mission and guiding principles motivating her professional decisions. She is passionate about family, community, and helping others.

-Guiding Principles-

Accuracy                  Integrity

Confidentiality        Professionalism

Efficiency                Respect

Excellence                Trust